Shufflenet sans pre-training

So I wanted to see what would happen if I trained Shufflenet on my new and improved — larger dataset — it just overfit.


I’m not even sorry for taking photos of screens

These aren’t strictly the first results I’ve gathered from this little venture — in fact it’s probably the third experiment I’ve performed, but that’s no reason not to put them in this here diary

Below is the training curve of the first 8 epochs from training mobile net last night until it died due to lack of memory last night:

As we can see — the thing isn’t learning — not really — my leading hypothesis is it’s due to the massive batch size of 100 — I will run it again today after some GTA to — reducing the batch size to 10

So we are here in week 2 of the machine learning quarantine and I’m here to report my progress to date

in my previous entry I discussed the problems of balancing the data, and I was of the potentially naive impression that if I gave it more data, or added…

“Mate — it’s the government leveraging an environmental conspiracy to enforce more control over us, the tax is just a power grab — an attempt to control the people more and more, climate change isn’t real”

Treading the line between polite conversation and outright dissent, Jesse put down his coffee…

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